DishNetwork – IR UHF TV2 Converter

So you bought the Slingbox Solo or Pro and want to hook it up to your DishNetwork 722 DVR, but there’s just one problem.  Someone in their infinite wisdom decided they would only make this combination work on TV1.  Why doesn’t it work you might ask, well simple, the integrated remote for the Slingbox application only works via IR, but the remote for TV2 on the DVR is UHF.  Of course anyone who has the Dishnetwork 722 knows you want to use the Slingbox on TV2, so what to do?  Well that’s where the Dishnetwork TV2 IR Converter comes into play.

That having been said, this particular device is either not made anymore or in very short supply.  I did however find it at one online retailer ( for $49 and ordered is right away.  Just scroll down to the item labelled, “TV2 IR Converter Kit”.  The unit arrived fairly quick and worked great.  The directions are a little light, but the key to making this work properly is to be sure to set your remote channels as indicated.  What this means is that each remote control for the DishNetwork DVR has a channel assigned to it.  By default the TV1 remote is on channel 1, but you need to move it to another channel and have the TV2 remote on channel 1 for the IR Converter to work.  Although this sounds tough its, not.  Just simply follow the instructions and it will be fine.

Now I’m enjoying my DishNetwork DVR movies, tv shows, etc. through my Slingbox Solo on my computer, iPad and iPhone.