Archives for January 2012

Verizon Family Data Plans

If a recent report on Engadget is correct then those of us on Verizon who are rocking more than one smartphone and their accompanying data plans (insert ouch here) might have some relief in sight.  For over a year now, there have been rumors of Verizon rolling out a family data sharing price … [Read more...]

Cisco E4200 Dual Band Router

We recently picked up a new router for the GadgetMutt office.  We originally tried the Netgear WNDR4500 but found the lack of access control disappointing and returned it.  In its place we got the Cisco E4200.  The E4200 is a superb router that features both a 2.4ghz channel (G) and a 5.0ghz one … [Read more...]

Dell Studio XPS 1647 – Bargain Beast

I recently purchased two more of my favorite laptops from Dell, bringing our total here at GadgetMutt to three.  The Studio XPS 1647 is an amazing laptop for the business user and the casual gamer.  The key to this versatility is the 1GB ATI Mobility 4670 video card.  Having a video card with … [Read more...]