Cisco E4200 Dual Band Router

We recently picked up a new router for the GadgetMutt office.  We originally tried the Netgear WNDR4500 but found the lack of access control disappointing and returned it.  In its place we got the Cisco E4200.  The E4200 is a superb router that features both a 2.4ghz channel (G) and a 5.0ghz one (N).  This means we can effectively run any media / bandwidth intensive applications over one channel and general office data (email, web, etc.) on the other.  The performance of the Cisco E4200 has been nothing short of spectacular, which is what one would expect from a Cisco product.  The old update process that used to be a chore has been made super simple with a one click update under the web-based GUI interface. For those that have the occasional office guest, there is also a nice guest channel that provides G wireless to them without allowing them on your internal network.  The range of the router both G and N was very good, which was surprising for a device with no visible antennas.  The cherry on top for us was the free IOS iPhone app that lets you do some rudimentary functions when you are connected to the wifi on your iPhone.

All in all this router is a solid 4 out of 5 stars and we would highly recommend it to the small business owner looking for a robust wireless solution.