Dell Studio XPS 1647 – Bargain Beast

I recently purchased two more of my favorite laptops from Dell, bringing our total here at GadgetMutt to three.  The Studio XPS 1647 is an amazing laptop for the business user and the casual gamer.  The key to this versatility is the 1GB ATI Mobility 4670 video card.  Having a video card with dedicated video memory cannot be overstated for just about everything that is done on the laptop.  I have owned my 1647 for over a year and it quickly replaced my desktop completely.

The screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 which can make things look really small on the 15.6″ screen but that can easily be offset by setting the text size to 125% under the screen resolution screen. 

The illuminated keyboard is very nice as well and depends on the ambient light in the room as to whether or not it comes on.  The keyboard itself is very nice and has excellent response and spacing.

As a note, I also purchase from Dell Outlet and not the retail side.  This has routinely saved me hundreds of dollars and I have never had a serious issue with the refurbished Dell computers I have purchased this way. 

My only suggestion would be to get more than the default 4GB of memory.