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February 27, 2012 the Free Remote Access that Works

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Do you know that one application that you use over and over again?  For me that application is website based  Put simply has been my primary remote access solution for the last five years and it’s 100% free.  Sure you can buy the professional version but honestly I haven’t seen a need.  In all honesty I feel guilty using the service for free and have recommended to them via email that they should at least have a minimal charge of say around $4.99 per month.  But to their credit the free service has not changed in scope or quality. 

They even have a free iPad and iPhone application which works remarkably well. 

The installation and configuration are simple.  You quickly create an account and download a small application for the computer to be remotely accessed.  The application runs automatically when Windows starts up and this makes the computer available for remote control by the account owner.  Now the next time you login to you will see the computers that are on and ready to be remotely accessed.  

One last note, the application makes a connection to the servers from inside your network so this effectively opens a tunnel in your firewall.  This is a good thing because it means there is no need to mess around with opening ports or setting up a DMZ on the router.

I for one have this installed on my father and mothers computers so I can help them with the occasional issue or to load software.  I also load it on my home computer so I can remote in when I’m out-of-town on business.

All in all, I give 5 out of 5 stars. 

February 21, 2012

Company Creates Pants with Keyboard and Mouse Built-in

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Dutch inventors Nieuwe Heren have created a prototype pair of pants that have a keyboard, mouse and even a pair of speakers built right into the fabric.   Creators Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit say they designed the jeans to be comfortable and yet functional. 

‘They’re not that heavy,’ de Nijs told WebProNews. ‘With the flexible keyboard, small speakers, and small mouse, they are only a little bit heavier than your regular jeans.’

He added: ‘The idea was that you could log in to your computer and control it without sitting in a closed environment behind your desk.’

Unfortunately the proposed cost of nearly $400 per pair would be very prohibitive if these ever do make it to market.  I for one think the modified pants are incredibly creative and give Erik and Tim kudos for their ingenuity. 
via MailOnline

February 19, 2012

Dad Builds VW Camper Sidecar for Son

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When Jay Dwyer from Northwood, Middlesex set out to create a custom sidecar for his 11-year-old son to ride in he never thought it would be this big a hit. Now wherever the two go they get mobbed by folks who want to take a picture next to the very creative and unique sidecar that just happens to resemble a VW Bus, along with working headlights.

‘I’ve had scooters for 27 years and see them as an iconic part of British culture, I’m glad to make my contribution. ‘My friends think I’m a bit eccentric but I’ve built them so many things throughout the years that they are really quite pleased with my hobby.’ – Jay Dwyer

Mr. Dwyer said it cost him about $3,500 to construct but has already been offered four times that amount to sell it.  A prospect he isn’t even entertaining at this time.

I have to say this is a very cool accessory to add to a scooter no less and it gets one to thinking about what could be done.

via MailOnline

February 14, 2012

MultiCopter Flying Machine

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picture courtesy of E-Volo

Ok as far as gadgets goes, this one is exceptionally large, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share this one.  According to an article by Sebastian Anthony at ExtremeTech the German company E-Volo has developed a prototype flying machine code-named Volocopter (VC-1) which is similar to the toy remote control multi-blade copters that have become popular lately.  The primary difference being that this one actually carries a human around and has sixteen propellers. 

Watching the video it’s easy to get excited about the prospect this provides for the average joe to go flying around in the air.  Anthony writes that E-Volo is also working on a two-seater version.  Based on the basic construction and off the shelf components the cost for the final version of this should be in the acceptable range, but no price has been hinted at by the manufacturer.

Of course I want one but the primary question in my mind is does this qualify as a lightweight aircraft and as such not require a pilots license?  This one item could be a show stopper for mass sales to the general public. 

Watch the video provided below and let me know what you think.

Update:  I heard back from Alex Zosel and he confirmed that the E-Volo will indeed be a light aircraft.  Here is an excerpt from the documentation Alex sent:

The e-volo measures approximately five by five metres, has four jibs (with 4 propellers each), a basic weight of about 80 kg (including batteries). So it is an ultra light aircraft, which already as a prototype allows for a payload of about 80 kg. 16 propellers provide it with the necessary uplift and at the same time guarantee the required security, because beside the impressively easy construction without a complex mechanism the aircraft can be landed safely even with a malfunction of up to four engines.


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