Archives for February 2012 the Free Remote Access that Works

Do you know that one application that you use over and over again?  For me that application is website based  Put simply has been my primary remote access solution for the last five years and it's 100% free.  Sure you can buy the professional version but honestly I haven't … [Read more...]

Company Creates Pants with Keyboard and Mouse Built-in

Dutch inventors Nieuwe Heren have created a prototype pair of pants that have a keyboard, mouse and even a pair of speakers built right into the fabric.   Creators Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit say they designed the jeans to be comfortable and yet functional.  'They’re not that heavy,' de Nijs told … [Read more...]

Dad Builds VW Camper Sidecar for Son

When Jay Dwyer from Northwood, Middlesex set out to create a custom sidecar for his 11-year-old son to ride in he never thought it would be this big a hit. Now wherever the two go they get mobbed by folks who want to take a picture next to the very creative and unique sidecar that just happens to … [Read more...]

MultiCopter Flying Machine

Ok as far as gadgets goes, this one is exceptionally large, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to share this one.  According to an article by Sebastian Anthony at ExtremeTech the German company E-Volo has developed a prototype flying machine code-named Volocopter (VC-1) which is similar to the … [Read more...]