Dad Builds VW Camper Sidecar for Son

When Jay Dwyer from Northwood, Middlesex set out to create a custom sidecar for his 11-year-old son to ride in he never thought it would be this big a hit. Now wherever the two go they get mobbed by folks who want to take a picture next to the very creative and unique sidecar that just happens to resemble a VW Bus, along with working headlights.

‘I’ve had scooters for 27 years and see them as an iconic part of British culture, I’m glad to make my contribution. ‘My friends think I’m a bit eccentric but I’ve built them so many things throughout the years that they are really quite pleased with my hobby.’ – Jay Dwyer

Mr. Dwyer said it cost him about $3,500 to construct but has already been offered four times that amount to sell it.  A prospect he isn’t even entertaining at this time.

I have to say this is a very cool accessory to add to a scooter no less and it gets one to thinking about what could be done.

via MailOnline