iPad 3 Why I Wont Buy One


iPad 3 coming in March?

The title of this article might imply that I am an Apple hater, when in fact I am a diehard Apple fanboy.  The problem I’m having is that I’m not even a little excited about the rumored March 2012 release of a quad-core, 4G iPad.  Why you might ask?  Because I don’t really see anything wrong with my current iPad 2 or even the original iPad that my kids have.  Sure the camera’s on the iPad 2 are slightly sub par, but if you bought the iPad for taking photos then you have bigger issues than the iPad 3 can fix.  Maybe my tune will change if some application comes out that truly uses the power of quad-core but until that time it’s boredomville for me.  The upside I do see is the fact that I will likely snag a few more iPad 2s at bargain basement prices on Craigslist.  To read the original article, just head over to our friends at CNet.

Update:  Well the new iPad specifications have been announced and again I don’t see a good reason to upgrade from my current iPad 2.  Sure the new screen would be nice, but I currently only use wifi 95% of the time so the 4G isn’t a plus.  The camera is a mute issue since I don’t use my iPad for photograhy (sounds silly to even say).  So overall I stick with my original no buy option.