the Snail Mail Solution for Geeks Online Snail Mail SolutionThese days, for the technology inclined individuals (Geeks), the prospect of sending snail mail via USPS (United States Postal Service) is the equivalent of using leaches to treat diseases.  However sometimes there are situations where one cannot avoid dropping back into the stone age model of communication.  Thankfully for those moments, there is a new company that I recently found called takes the sting out of sending snail mail with their easy to use interface. 

The cost for the first page is $1.02 and each additional is a measly .18 cents.   Given the price of a first class stamp is almost .50 cents, this doesn’t seem like a huge price to pay for the convenience they provide.

One final item of note is that the system automatically retains a copy of the letter and the date it was sent so you can easily review them at a later time.  These copies are also formatted in .PDF format for ease of viewing.

Overall a great service and I’m happy to write this review for