Virtual Reality soon to be in the Eye of the Beholder

If a recent article on MailOnline is any indicator, the world of virtual reality is coming to a pair of specially designed contact lenses.  The maker of the contact lenses is Innovega, Inc..  Here is a blip from their website:

The accelerating performance of mobile devices together with availability of HD and 3D content are catalysts for new and compelling user experiences. Innovega, Inc. and its strategic partners are designing natural eyewear-based platforms based on the patented iOptikTM display system that promise to thrill us and transform how we use and share our social media.

These contacts would enable the wearer to not only see the world around them but also information could be displayed, in 3D no less, from devices such as a paired smartphone.  Imagine the possibilities this would bring to life.  You could say get directions to a great restaurant in a foreign city and then have them displayed as a heads up on your eye.  Or maybe it could be used by a Policeman to match a suspect to a picture by literally having the two stand next to each other.   Another variant is even being developed as a tool for soldiers to quickly display battlefield information in real-time.  What I found amazing is the lenses themselves do not have a power source.  The article doesn’t expand on the actual physics or design of the contact lenses, but I’m sure that has more to do with intellectual property protection than lack of information.

Update:  Randall Sprague the Chief Technology Officer for Innovega, Inc. sent over some nice images. (see below) Thank you Mr. Sprague.