West Coast Chill brings the World first Self Chilling Can

Everyone agrees that drinking energy drinks warm is not the preferred method.  Thanks to a recent innovation from energy drink maker West Coast Chill, those days are quickly coming to and end.  The company announced recently that they have completed the design and testing for a method to allow cans to chill themselves.  Interestingly enough, this was a process that was begun back in 1997, but was only recently accomplished using an earth friendly process.

Here is a blurb from the company website:

West Coast Chill
Joseph Company International of California USA will re coin the meaning of convenience by introducing the first “chill on demand™” pure energy drink this Spring that will become industry standard in a few years. Chill Can® and Micro-Cool® are a World Class technology that when the button is pushed transforms a warm beverage into a cold refreshing drink which stays colder longer than a conventional can by 30 minutes.
World’s First Self Chilling Energy Drink!

Also of note is that the drink itself does not contain any caffeine, sugar or chemical ingredients.  What isn’t clear is how exactly you activate the can to make it start to self chill.  We have requested a couple of demo cans and will update the review once received.