Star Trek Door Chime from ThinkGeek

First off I am a big fan of Star Trek TOS (The original series) and absolutely love all the really cool gadgets and gizmos that various companies have produced. So when the nice folks at ThinkGeek said they would send me one of the Star Trek Electronic Door Chime I was very excited. Of course one always wonders if it just looks good in the pictures but my experience with ThinkGeek is that all of their products are top-notch and the Star Trek Electronic Door Chime was no exception.

On that note, this is a very nicely put together piece of Star Trek gadgetry and not only that, but it works great. First off the door chime is more of a door or area sensor, what that means is that when it’s in the door mode, it detects someone entering one of three defined zones (front, left side, or right side) and then makes the classic Star Trek door opening sound. In the Alert mode, it has the same detection zones but instead of a door sound it makes the red alert sound. Again, these sounds are of excellent quality and do justice to the sounds from the show.  The icing on top of the cake is the intercom button which again makes the classic Star Trek hailing the bridge sound.

 At $29.99 this is a must for any real Star Trek fan and this one already has a prominent spot on the wall of my office.  Right next to the door of course.

One last note, if you are a fan of Star Trek then head over to ThinkGeek to see their entire line of amazing gadgets and gizmos.