Install FSX Addons in Prepar3d with No Hassle


I’ve been flying my virtual planes around the globe recently using Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and really enjoying myself.  However several years ago Microsoft sold the code rights to Lockheed Martin and since that time they have re-branded it to Prepar3d (P3D).  Wanting to have the latest and greatest I decided to give it try and really like the P3D version, but when I went to install the FSX addons, some wouldn’t install properly.  The solution turned out to be the easiest.  I simply installed a fresh copy of P3D into the empty directories left over from my FSX installation.  Now most, if not all of my addons are working and without any special software or configurations.

On a personal note, I originally posted this on the forums over at and got a ridiculous “warning” due to some supposed violation of the EULA.  Obviously SpiritFlyer (doofus admin) gets his jollys exercising his pathetic excuse for power over a forum no less.  Good luck with that.