FRAUD Alert!! Fraudulently Charges Your Credit Card

Computer keyboard keys with warning sign with words Scam Alert Scam Alert is a SCAM!!!

I recently went to a website to watch a video on the sinking of the Titanic. About 10 minutes in the video was halted and I was redirected to the website. At which point I was told I would have to put in my credit card information to verify my identity to continue watching the video. In big bold letters the site said “Your credit card will NOT be charged!” It said this in not less than 3 locations. I had a bad feeling but wanted to finish the video. Instead of putting in my bank card though, I instead supplied my PayPal card information. To make matters worse even after doing this I was unable to finish watching the video.

Sure enough about 4 days later a fraudulent charge appeared on my PayPal debit card. I went to PayPal to dispute the charge and got through quickly to a person who said they can’t help me because this was a debit card transaction.  I was transferred (long hold time) to a debit specialist to handle it.  PayPal is great and is going to issue a refund and open an investigation.  Honestly it’s not about the money and instead I hope they cancel this company access to unsuspecting PayPal users.