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February 18, 2013

Goodbye iPhone 5, Hello Galaxy Note 2!

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If you had told me last year when I got my shiny new Apple iPhone 5 that I would be replacing it a few months later for a different smartphone, I would have said you were smoking crack.  Today however I’m the one that is amazed. 

Lately I have read about the upcoming Ubuntu OS for Phone release and did a bunch of reading about the various phones that would support the developer version due to be released this week on Feb. 21st.  The two phones it is rumored to support are the Google Nexus and Nexus 4.  Looking at those phones lead me to another Samsung phone, the Galaxy Note 2.  Now the Galaxy Note 2 is more of a phablet (Phone Tablet) with a screen size of 5.5 inches.  After reading a couple of reviews and looking at the specs my curiosity quickly turned to longing.  

So last night I walked into the local Verizon store put my hands on an honest to goodness Android phone and fell in the love.  This phone is simply amazing!  I have to confess I’ve never spent more than 2 minutes on an Android, but this phone demands your attention.  The screen is huge and as such is easily readable.  The responsiveness is earth shattering fast.  In my opinion even faster that my iPhone 5 was.  But the thing I love the most is the ability to customize the various screens.


 If you have never seen live backgrounds then you haven’t really enjoyed your phone.  The “Planets Pack” from ($1.99) is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on a phone in ages and on the Galaxy Note 2’s 5.5 inch screen it’s gorgeous.  Here is an actual screenshot of the Galaxy Note 2 running this beautiful live wallpaper.

 This phone is a beast and not just for screen size.  It sports a quad-core snap dragon pro processor, 2gb of RAM memory, 16gb of user memory, 4G network speed, etc.  

After confirming that my work email, calendar, and contacts would sync with this via exchange this morning, I didn’t hesitate to transfer my old iPhone 5 to my son.  

** Update:  Well it’s been almost a week now and I’m even more in love with the Galaxy Note 2 than the day I got it.  I’m still amazed by the sheer beauty of the screen and the applications I’m running on it.  There are two notes to be made when it comes to those said apps.  First they look so much better on the Galaxy Note 2 than they did on the iPhone 5.  I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the additional real estate but the overall design just seems more functional.  The second note is a bit of a jab.  I have to say I’m very impressed with Google Play.  You make a purchase and it instantly starts downloading to your phone.  Very slick, BUT the downside to the Google Play store is that the majority of the apps are very rough around the edges.  Don’t get me wrong, the apps you liked on the iPhone you will find and love even more from the Google Play store, but the other apps leave something to be desired.  You will quickly learn that the reviews on the Google Play store are also being rigged by the application owners on some level.  You will find applications with 100+ reviews and most are obviously rigged.  Here is where some oversight and even moderate quality controls would be nice.  But again, I had no problem finding my favorite apps and even a few new gems.

So in summary, LOVE the Galaxy Note 2 and have no plans to ever go back to my iPhone 5.

January 18, 2013

High Definition Cities in Prepar3d (P3D)

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I looked everywhere and finally found a list of the high definition cities in Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d (P3d) flight simulator.

Latin America ( 3 )

Rio de Jeneiro
Sao Paulo
Mexico City

Europe ( 30 )
St. Petersburg
La Defense
Monte Carlo/Monaco
Lyons, France
Milan, Italy
Malmo, Sweden
Lake Geneva

US ( 9 )
San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York
Salt Lake
Washington DC

Africa, Middle East ( 7 )

Asia ( 16 )
Hong Kong

Australia & NZ ( 7 )

Canada ( 5 )

January 16, 2013

Install FSX Addons in Prepar3d with No Hassle

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I’ve been flying my virtual planes around the globe recently using Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and really enjoying myself.  However several years ago Microsoft sold the code rights to Lockheed Martin and since that time they have re-branded it to Prepar3d (P3D).  Wanting to have the latest and greatest I decided to give it try and really like the P3D version, but when I went to install the FSX addons, some wouldn’t install properly.  The solution turned out to be the easiest.  I simply installed a fresh copy of P3D into the empty directories left over from my FSX installation.  Now most, if not all of my addons are working and without any special software or configurations.

On a personal note, I originally posted this on the forums over at and got a ridiculous “warning” due to some supposed violation of the EULA.  Obviously SpiritFlyer (doofus admin) gets his jollys exercising his pathetic excuse for power over a forum no less.  Good luck with that.

December 31, 2012

VoxATC – Why Push Buttons When You Can Talk

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VoxATCOk so I got Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) Gold for Christmas and immediately starting downloading addons to make it as real as possible.  The primary reason for this is my New Years resolution to get my private pilots license and wanted to brush up on some of the core fundamentals.  Of all the things a private pilot must do the one that seems the most intimidating to me is the communication with the various towers for take offs and landings.  Just go to YouTube and watch a few videos of student pilots doing basic VFR (Visual Flying Rules) communication and it will scare the heck out of you.  

Although I love FSX for flying and navigation practice I always thought the push button ATC (Air Traffic Control) was extremely lame.  After doing a lot of reading I finally tried what 85% of the other virtual pilots out there recommend as a replacement and that is VoxATC.  VoxATC doesn’t compliment the existing ATC in FSX it completely eliminates it and replaces it with on the fly voice recognition system.  For instance after a quick setup on my Windows 8 laptop I was actually talking to the virtual air traffic controllers for everything from ground routing, landing and take offs.  

VoxATC is currently being developed and supported by Tegwyn West who responded quickly to a request I had regarding price vs. versions (more on this below).  

 Not convinced?  Don’t take my word for it, go over to VoxATC and download the fully functional 7-day FREE trial.  Once you are convinced then just register it via the website to receive your unlock code.  As a note, for a few dollars more, there is also a DVD Boxed version that includes 4 AT&T voices.  This version can be purchased over at FSPilot at  

The software isn’t cheap but then again you get what you pay for and in this case it’s a spectacular piece of software that will completely change your Flight Simulator experience!

Update:  Tegwyn was nice and sent me over a quick summary of the purchase options and an upcoming update.  

Just to let you know that if you are flying VFR in the UK, you should get the VoxATC UK Enhancement. 

That adds FISO and A/G phraseology at appropraite airports. It costs £20 for the download. 

There is also a DVD version available from RC Simulations

( that bundles together VoxATC X, the 4 AT&T voices and the UK Enhancement. 

An updated version of VoxATC X is currently in beta and should be available  in the next month or so.

Personally I would strongly suggest the DVD pack as it adds 4 AT&T voices for only a few dollars more.

Update:  So I’m not someone who likes to wait for snailmail and instead I opted to purchase my VoxATC license directly from their site at  This is a very simple process that has you pay via PayPal and then the code was immediately sent to my email box.  Now the downside to this is that I didn’t get the 4 AT&T Voices but those and others can be purchased direct from at

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